"A thrilling, exhausting, emotionally moving portrait that crackles with energy and tension."    

                                                              - Mad Theatrics

Written and first produced in 2010, "A Child Left Behind" is a personal story of autism, education, and the role of every child's first teacher.  Originally created as a fundraiser for Generation Rescue, "A Child Left Behind" has received rave reviews and has been showcased nationwide. It has been chosen as an LA WEEKLY Pick of the Week and has been performed in various settings such as theaters, colleges, universities, bookstores, and medical centers to promote autism acceptance and raising awareness about Neurodiversity.  Every April, I travel around the country to continue the work I started in 2010. As a parent, teacher, and artist, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to pursue this endeavor.


“....Thank you for performing your play, A Child Left Behind, for our professional development series at the university. It was informative for our special education students as they prepare to work with students on the spectrum and their families. Your passionate perspective and ability to connect with the audience made this a compelling experience. We strive to help students make the connection from theory to practice and this was a valuable opportunity for them to reflect on what that means professionally and personally. Our faculty reported that they used the play to also address important issues related to both special education and low socio-economic challenges. We truly appreciated the opportunity to work with you and provide this exceptional experience for our students and faculty....”
                                    Dr. Shirley Resich - CALSTATE UNIVERSITY, DOMINGUEZ HILLS 

"With his spitfire delivery and tight scripting the indefatigable performer never misses a beat..." 

                                                                   - LA WEEKLY